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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is a division of Vilords Webdesign, new media house. We provide high quality products for affordable prices.

2. What makes different from other similar sites?
Instead of changing pictures only, what the most similar sites do, we create products which are unique. You wont find designs at our site which are similar to each other. We want each user to be able to find a design he likes, and this makes it much easier. The templates are periodically replaced with new ones when they reach a certain numbers of downloads.

3. What I am allowed and not allowed to do with the downloaded products?
You can use the purchased product in any way you'd like. You cannot resell or redistribute the material purchased on our site. All products are property of, and you may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products. If you want to use the purchased product for more projects, you have to purchase more licenses.

4. How do I receive ordered product, and when?
After you complete the payment, our authorization team will check your creditcard information and call you to confirm the purchase. After that, you will receive a confirmation email from us stating the link to the product was added to your member area and you may download it. After clicking on the product link, the download should start automaticaly. Telephone authorization is required just the first time you'll buy at

5. How do I open the ZIP file?
To open these types of files you will need an unzipping tool. For Windows users, please visit For Mac users, please visit

6. Do I have to provide a link back or give you credit for the design?
No, we do not require any links back to our site, nor any references to us being responsible for your site´s design.

7. What payment methods are available?
You can purchase our products online using Visa, MasterCard, or Delta Card. Except these cards you are able to pay via Western Union or direct bank transfer.

8. Are the images used in your products royalty free?
All pictures used in our designs were legally bought and are royalty free. You are not permitted to use the pictures apart our designs.

9. What are the advantages of purchasing your products?
- You will get high quality product for the best value on the internet
- You can get your design fast, no need to hire designers who are much more expensive and do not even deliver products on such quality level

10. How often do you add new products?
Our team works 24/7 and we try to add new products every day to keep our library fresh all the time.

11. What is Adobe Photoshop?
It's the world´s most popular graphic editor and bitmap designing tool. You can get more information about this product at

12. Can you make a custom product for me?
Yes, our designers are ready to fulfill your needs. Please contact us with further details.

13. Are your templates MS FrontPage and Dreamweaver compatible?
Yes, they are compatible with these and any other html editor available on the market.

14. Can I resell your products through my website earning commission?
Yes, please see our affiliate section for more information.

15. Can I use your product thumbs on my site for my clients to choose designs?
Yes, of course.

16. How can I modify your products to suit my needs?
You can edit the psd files with Adobe Photoshop. This way you can change buttons, add slogans and company logos, and do even more if necessary. Photoshop uses layer system, which makes the updates very easy. In case you don't have Photoshop, you can edit the jpeg files with any jpeg editor.

17. Is it possible to use products for my customers?
Yes. Its the perfect way for designers who want to offer their customers quality websites/logos/presentations, but don't have time to make their own designs or dont have the creativity to deliver high-quality product.

18. Should I buy the same template for every page on the website?
No, you buy it just once. After purchasing you may use the template as many times you need to the website.

19. Is the license a one-time fee payment?
Yes. Of course you have to be aware when you want to use our product for more projects, you need to buy more licenses.

20. I bought a product, my card was charged but I didn't get a confirmation email.
If your email didn't work during the time our system sent out the email, you will not receive the email anymore. Please try to log-in to the members area, the link to the file you purchased should appear there right after you made the purchase.

21. I bought a product, my card was charged but I cannot see the link to the product in my member area.
Please contact and provide your payment details. We will try to resolve this quickly.

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