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All Credit Card payments on our site are processed through Worldpay merchant services. Creditcard information collected by Worldpay is stored only at Worldpay.

Site registration
Registration process requires users to submit contact information. This data is used to identify the customer when logged-in into the system as well as for invoicing purposes. Your contact information may be used to contact you.

If the customer interested, he will be receiving information about designgalaxy.net and promotional material. If selected, this feature might be turned off any time.

Our company will not sell or give client list to any other party.

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Our server logs information regarding visitors to our site, such as IP address, date/time, and pages accessed. This information is used to generate reports for statistical purposes.

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When logged in, you can change your customer information in your member area anytime.


Designgalaxy.net provides three different types of memberships to the users.

Basic membership after registering, basic membership enables the user to login to the system and buy products offered on the site. User pays after check out, not before as on the other membership types. This sort of membership suites the best a customer who won't be frequently buying the products. When basic membership user buys a product from our site, he will receive a 10 percent credit from the amount invoiced. So for example if he buys products for 500usd, there will be 50 credits on his personal account, which he can use anytime to buy products for this value. Basic membership can be updated to other membership types.

Silver membership this type of membership provides higher value for the money paid. During the registration, the users pays $495 and he will get 1000 credits to spend on the site, which is more than 200 percent. This sort of membership is suitable for a customer who is quite frequently buying templates and other products offered on our site. After user account empty, he can move funds to his account anytime to prolong this membership without new registration. If the user has on the account less credits than the cheapest product on the site /lets say 10usd/ and he doesn't want to prolong the membership and still spent the credit, he can chose the product he wants to buy and pay the rest of the product value using creditcard. When you reach 0 credit, your account will be switched to Basic membership /which can be updated anytime/.

Gold membership technically the same principle as used on the silver membership. The only difference is larger discount which makes this appealing for companies or users buying our products frequently. For $995 you receive 3000 credits to spend on the site, which is more than 300 percent. For other information see silver membership.

Product Information

Product types and prices
Currently there are 4 products we offer on the site logos, web templates, powerpoint templates and photoshop webdesigns. Each of the products has a standard price and a unique price. Unique price is 8x higher than the regular price and its possible to buy a unique product if it wasn't previously downloaded from our site. If you chose to download a product with unique price, this product wont be sold anymore and erased from the system which assures you will be the only owner of that product. The standard and unique (if the product not downloaded yet) price get 20 percent lower when a new design sold (max 5 days). The prices might also get lower if we put some products on sale. This discount will vary.

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Flash Web Templates 24  
Web Templates 225  
Photoshop D. 110  
Corporate Identity 51  
Logo Designs 203  
Powerpoint T. 34  
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